Who are we?

We are strong women who have endured many obstacles, many doors slammed in our faces, many people telling us NO. We are women that will win in the end.

The Past
We are two of five siblings, born to Lois and Conrad Robinson. We were raised in Kansas City, middle class, in the late 1950-60's. We were a happy looking family until tragedy struck. The tragedy was Divorce, our father moved on to remarry and relocate away from the Kansas City area. Our mother stayed around to raise five kids all alone, without a high school education, she received her GED and proceeded to nursing school to try and give us a better life. Although those times were very hard, we had much love in our family. That love has formed and created the women whom we are today and the women we will be tomorrow.

The Present
Big Momma’s was born in the kitchen of our sister Jill, after learning the process of the dough she began giving dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls to family and friends, when it grew bigger then she could handle, the partnership of Big Momma's was born, July 2005. Three husbands and three wives came together with a plan; a plan to open to the public, at that time we all pulled our resources, talents, skills, knowledge, and money together to give birth to the business. We then opened Big Momma's in Raytown, MO. Big Momma's did well in our early years, the bread recipe was tweaked, the cinnamon rolls were changed inside and out, and thus, making the great tasting product it is today. Then, tragedy struck in the form of a recession. Times began to get harder and harder for Big Momma's from 2008 to 2009 but we figured out ways to stay afloat and keep the doors open. We didn’t have big investors knocking on our doors, nor was money flowing in, with this we took a lot of risk. We nearly lost our homes, cars, and our sanity but we hunkered down and road the storm. Late 2009, our sister Jill decided it was time for her to move out and move on. Jackie and I felt a strong urge to just shut the doors for good because we had not been getting paid for months, but then in late 2009 Crown Center Executives came to our location in Raytown, MO for lunch and made us an offer that we could not refuse. Move from Raytown to downtown Crown Center, our answer was yes and here we are today. We work the business every day and we work in our community as well, we have been given and so we try to give back. Big Momma's donates monthly to various community organizations and we are very active within our churches. We love what we do and we do what we love, Helping others.


The Future    -Our dream is to take Big Momma's to a greater level; we want the world to experience the taste of Big Momma's.